Hen, Hen, Hen, ROOSTER!

Well, I figure now is a good time to come out with the news.  Gerda is not a hen, but a rooster.  From the first day we got her…HIM, he was always bigger than the rest of the gang.  Afton chose to name him Gerda, a lovely, completely fabricated name.  And we watched her grow and grow and grow and then one day…crow. NO!  We are so sad.  And when I say we, I mean I.  I am so sad.  The fact that Gerda is a rooster means that: A) she will not give us eggs, cuz she is a he.  B) We can’t even keep him, it’s against city ordinances.  And, C) Our only options are to eat him or give him away.

Oh look, here he is now:

IMG_8283    A beautiful bird, indeed.

So, been doing my research, trying to find a place that will slaughter him AND butcher him, or Tommy will just have to do that himself, which seems really gruesome.  It seems really heartless to just eat him, but it has really given me a new appreciation for animals that we eat and the life they sacrifice.  On an episode of Live Free or Die (the only show Tommy and I have watched a whole season of) this curly-haired, hippy-esque, Native American influenced, hunter dude, Gabriel, kills a goat.  The way he did it really affected me.  He didn’t just butcher it and move on.  He killed it quickly, but almost sacredly and I thought it was a little strange at first, but now with Gerda (GerDO) I’d like to think I’d give him the same amount of respect and gratitude, by taking the time to truly appreciate his life.  (By the way, I keep having to go back and change all the pronouns for Gerda from female to male derivatives.  Still coming to terms with this mental sex change.)


Another thought this has given me is to be more conscientious to not waste meat.  Sometimes it is really hard.  Something about leftover meat that just grosses me out.  But I think just making less meat is a key to not wasting it.  We are supposed to eat meat sparingly anyway. I think that advice could make a big difference in our health and the quality of life our animals have.

So anyway, if anyone is looking for a rooster, message me!  I’d love for him to have a good full life.  He is a really sweet bird and loves to be held.