I have to say, picking a blog name was not as easy as I thought it would’ve been. Not because I over-thought how to create the perfect balance between witty, grabby, and practical in a blog name, but because every possibility that arbitrarily flew into my brain was already taken, including (great recipes on there, by the way).  So “sprinkle happy” it is.  My purpose for blogging is very non-specific.  My daily journal gets the pleasure of receiving all the quotidian details of my life.  All of my parents and in-laws get my brag moments and all of the funny things my kids say and do. My impromptu recipes I cook up are promptly forgotten.  And, my husband hears my deep-for-me philosophical thoughts (…as well as all of details of my life and brag moments and funny things our kids say and do, lucky him).   So what is left for a blog?  Perhaps that is why I am only now getting on the blog bus. Maybe once a year I think I have an idea worth blogging about.  And now I will have a place to come when that idea strikes.  Whatever I write, my hope is that it will sprinkle a bit of happy into your life.